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The beach club is located close to the marina which is the entry point to the island and extends out from this point. The beach club roof is inspired by the many shells found in the area. The overlapping roofs are supported by radiating ribs to give maximum shading protection to the generous terraces. The formation of the roof is to enhance the flow of air during hot days while also creating an aerodynamic shell during adverse weather conditions.  The curved sweeping facade form translates from the exterior to the interior program and the bespoke furniture follow the same concept.


The beach club is situated around large pool decks with extensive views of the ocean. Individual cabanas array out from the pool deck for massage treatments. The bar interlocks with both the Restaurant and Pool Deck area making it convenient to serve both sides. 


The material palette for the beach club has been carefully selected to work in keeping with the surrounding environment with consideration given to the annual hurricane events.  The use of a sensitive thatch weave for the roof covering blends the architecture into the setting, and encourages the use of the locally sourced materials.  The white concrete rib texture and solid surfaces provide contrast against the thatch and create a lighter reflective surface to the shaded spaces, while mitigating heat gains through the thermal mass of the building itself.


F&B |  Bar & Restaurant 


1062 m2 (Marina Building GFA)

1312 m2 (Marina Dockside GFA)

NK3 Design Team:

Natalie Lewis, Adeline Chan,

Reuben Choi 

Beach Club Cabana.png
Beach Club Cabana 01.png
Beach Club Pool Deck.png
Beach Club Wide Angle 2226x756.png
Beach Club Int.png
Beach Club GF Plan_200.jpg
Beach Club 1F Plan_200.jpg

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