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In response to the competition brief, a virtual home had been designed and kept flexible for the potential to be placed in any metaverse platform. Responding to our research on the way players are using metaverse spaces, we have created a space which gives the options of escape, entertainment, socializing, working and relaxing. A vertical corridor connects the homes in strands which gives flexibility for avatars to travel to friend's homes and invite others over. To link to a strand of homes, a friend request must be accepted. The strands of homes are reflections of the relationships of the users. The homes are constantly shifting to different strands and it is not uncommon to see individual homes for those who are looking for privacy. Each home has a changeable outer context disc which allows users to choose different options for their surroundings. In the renders for this proposal, the context ring is showing a carpet of greenery studded with larger trees and bushes to give an attractive encompassing ring. The furniture of the home is fluid to suit the individual requirements or aesthetic taste. The organic furniture shown in the renders echo the sweeping concept of our home. Each home has two outdoor terraces which have the ability to move to give changing views of the city and different architectural conditions. One terrace is transportable nd moves along the transit bridges to serve as horizontal circulation between strings of homes.




413 m2 (GFA)

NK3 Design Team:

Natasha Kearney, Natalie Lewis, Adeline Chan, Christy Woo, Valerie Or, Reuben Choi

Night time cityscape.jpg
Metaverse Panel2.jpg
axo's .jpg
meta .jpg

The interior space is zoned in three programs - the Living Room, Workroom and the Entertainment area. The home adopts white as the major color tone, creating a clean and fresh aesthetic. The default material setting of the home is luminescent to give an ambient glow but users can adjust the lighting level based on their activities. Users can also enjoy the 360-degree view from the pod, meanwhile the changeable context disc provides a natural partition to secure the home user's privacy.

Working workplay area (2).png

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