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NK3 Ltd Architects is a young architectural practice established in Hong Kong in 2020. We aim to seek out a balance between progressive and environmentally sensitive architectural solutions that will enhance the sense of ‘place’ and the spaces occupied by people.  To weave the narrative of a site together and harmonise the built aesthetic within it.  The intent is always to take the brief and create the dialogue for a design to deliver its most creative synergy with the spaces that will ground it into the fabric of society and forge an endemic connection to harmonize the user with the architecture.  Key to this is crafting materials to take shape to the spaces we inhabit and evoke a sense of wellbeing or to dramatic effect to enhance our perception of the world around us.

NK3 Ltd Architects’ initial built portfolio has been in the delivery of rural sustainable healthcare facilities to serve local communities off grid in sub-Saharan Africa. This requires a design approach that not only delivers a pragmatic & efficient model of construction technique to co-exist with the traditional building techniques but recognises the sensitivity and raw nature if the sites and the need to harmonise between the setting and local knowledge skillset.  Particular attention to re-defining local construction techniques and the resources available are design axes that allow the projects to enhance the user experience. Our in-house modelling team assists us in the technical and BIM execution of the designs across all interior, architectural layouts and façade designs as well as the creation of accurate costing models prior to build. The company has since diversified to expand its portfolio into commercial and residential projects with a drive for merging building and landscapes into niche boutique projects ranging from resorts in the sub tropics to being shortlisted for a competition featuring the conceptual virtual reality that is the realm of the metaverse.  These projects each represent particular nuances of the architectural industry and the symbiosis of moulding space from the ground up.

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