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The new Wavelength marina building concept is conceived as an undulating ribbon that folds itself around the new crescent marina dock located on the South Western edge of Rose Island. The free flow form is designed to envelope and draw visitors in as they arrive at a focal point of entry on to the island.


The undulating roof form emulates the waves of the sea and creates pockets of accommodation below without needing hard vertical surfaces, while setting up rooftop  amphitheatre vantage points from which to enjoy the panorama of the Caribbean waters and surrounding islands. It has the added feature of allowing people to move freely over the structure, as it gently meets the landscape so that even though on plan the building appears to envelope the marina, the user experience is such that people flow over, around and underneath the building, much like the flow of water.


The accommodation program is set out with the sweeping reception, central to the focal point to greet visitors as they arrive from the ferry shuttle or private yachts and create flows of movement to the sports and yoga suites or through on to the island interior.


Either side of the main reception lobby are 2 wings, one for water sports – an ‘active zone’ and one for yoga deck, a more relaxed environment – both of which enjoy a transparent envelope that creates the impression of being outside in the marina while being with the climatically cooled interior. The natural flow of one space in to the other using the roof as the vertical and horizontal division has the advantage of having the lounge bar expand to create a function space as required, without the limitations on defined interior walls.


Recreational | Marina


1062 m2 (Marina Building GFA)

1312 m2 (Marina Dockside GFA)

NK3 Design Team:

Adeline Chan, Christy Woo

Marina site plan-03.jpg

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