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The design idea of the Folda is inspired by the function of the living space, which serves as a gathering place for the home where family and friends congregate to spend quality time. A “cross” from is adopted to be the main element of the furniture, representing the convergent point of all the social activities. There are five types of furniture in the series, including sofa, lounge chair, coffee table, floor lamp and TV shelf. Each piece of furniture can be used separately or as part of a series. In terms of the structure, the nail component is eliminated and replaced by wood joints, resulting in an easy assembly process that encourages everyone to build their own furniture. The combination of planes and tubes also facilitates the efficient packaging for mass production.


The series’ material palette was carefully chosen to create a serene and welcoming atmosphere. The major wood element encourages the use of locally sourced materials, whereas the frosted glass and recycled plastic play a complementary role to blend the dark wood and metal tubes into the living space, creating harmony and balance.

Screenshot 2023-05-26 at 08.47.24.png
Sofa 2.2.png
TV - side 2.png
TV 2.png
Combination 3.4.png

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