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The idea of creating a safe place for the elderly to live out their golden years is a challenge between privacy and inclusivity.

The building itself consists of 4 rectangular volumes that are placed down the existing slope and creating an internal courtyard. A fairly simple building, that has 3 distinctive features: the cantilevers with big windows, roof terraces at different levels and the site plan with a courtyard. These features are a direct result of 3 prosaic goals: provide privacy, diversity and taking advantage of the surrounding areas/views.

The steeping volumes create roof terraces at 3 different levels to be used by the residents on their daily activities. The central courtyard is divided in 2 levels connected by an outdoor amphitheatre, the top level is coved and can be used as an extension of the dining and gathering areas.

We believe that inclusivity with the local community is important for the residents, we are proposing two public areas for activities, the chapel, at the entrance level with his outdoor terrace, and a small community garden, that is located at the lower part of the site, both with access from outside the building allowing the local community to “coexist” with the residents. 


The public / common spaces are mainly contained in the double-floor western volume, while the 2-story eastern volumes house the private portions of the program. The building blocks are divided by function but since accessibility is a concern for this project common spaces are provided at the different levels minimizing the distance from the private to public areas, creating unique spaces where the residents can interact or do their own activities. The circulation areas are all adjusted according with Portuguese accessibility code to provide a smooth circulation through the facilities.


The elderly accommodations are divided in 20 double and 20 single ensuite rooms, with 10% of them adapted for people with disabilities. To get the best solar exposure, the rooms are oriented southeast, and they have a full height window. The southern facades are protected by vertical fins that help to reduce the summer heat.

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