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NK3 Design Team:

Adeline Chan, Natasha Kearney, Natalie Lewis

Project Type

AI Concept Design

The competition brief asks for imaginative and thought-provoking stories that explore the intersection of artificial intelligence and the built environment. Entrants are invited to choose one of the provided themes: the AI-infused city, the AI-infused architecture studio, the AI-infused construction site, or the Open Category, where participants can define their own theme within the context of AI and architecture. In our entry, we had interpreted the future AI-infused city with the following fictional story and images:

With a fusion of technology and nature as his life’s mission, Kai has been developing AI models to optimize energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions, and revolutionize agricultural practices with the help of MJ, his AI assistant. As he prepares for a crucial meeting with the Governor, he reflects on the challenges faced by humanity and the solutions his team is working tirelessly to achieve. The city pulses with life as Kai navigates its streets, eventually arriving at a sustainable
agricultural center—a sanctuary where nature and technology coexist harmoniously. Inside his office, holographic interfaces and AI-powered algorithms offer insights and recommendations to maximize crop yield while minimizing resource consumption. Kai presents his groundbreaking AI model to the Governor, showcasing a vision of ecological restoration and sustainable prosperity. The Governor recognizes the significance of the solutions presented, heralding a new era of sustainable development. As Kai leaves the meeting, he embraces a sense of fulfillment, knowing that his journey has transformed him into a catalyst for change and a beacon of hope. However, his AI assistant MJ remains unresponsive, leaving a hint of uncertainty in the air.

Image 1.png

Image 2: He was well aware that this coffee was not made from traditional coffee beans. The relentless overharvesting had led to the extinction of coffee beans in the wild

Image 1: As the first rays of sunlight pierce through the darkness, a warm glow bathes the horizon, painting the sky in hues of gold and pink

Image 3: He felt the pulse of the city resonating through his being. Kai navigated through the labyrinth of streets

Image 4: Entering the facility, Kai was greeted by a chorus of vibrant colors and the fragrant scent of blooming flowers

Image 5: The holographic screens displayed the AI models, presenting the data-backed solutions that could revolutionize the way food was grown, nourishing both the city and the planet

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