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Sky Nest is a bar and restaurant located at Level 39 and 40 of the Moon Orchid tower in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

Sky Nest comprises 3 different settings for culinary dining and gathering experiences, each sharing a common narrative of the outdoor tropics but with a unique nuance tailored to each zone. A sense of contemporaneity combined with botanical elements exudes an ambience of tropical sky garden dining. At the entrance level is located a Fine Dining Restaurant and the Sky Garden with a Piano Bar at the top floor overlooking the city of Jakarta. All the areas have the option to provide an outdoor dining experience.


The Sky Garden is designed to be a casual environment with a green feature wall, a light colour palette and a double height ceiling. With the greenery as a constant presence, the Restaurant and Bar areas are dimly lit. These areas use warm colours and darker materials, where the guest can sit in a comfortable sofa and enjoy the inspiring view beyond the glass wall. One can sit, hidden, and look out at the bright cityscape.


F&B |  Bar & Restaurant 

NK3 Design Team:

Natalie Lewis, Adeline Chan,

Ana Consciência, Reuben Choi, Christy Woo 

20230224 square render.png
20230224 large inte render.png
Dusk sky.jpg
Restaurant Level 1 REV2.jpg
Restaurant Level 2 REV2.jpg

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