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Zatec, Czech Republic

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The project of the new sports hall integrates all urban and functional components with the ambition of creating an object capable of containing activities taking place both inside and outside the object. In this way, the envelope of the building is not only used for indoor operations, but also integrates activities outside the building, such as an outdoor playground and a climbing wall. Such a solution then benefits from close functional and operational links and at the same time creates the architectural character of the building.
With its location, the sports hall continues to define Volyňské Čechů Street, as it is adjacent to it on its longer side and continues in the street line of the existing buildings along this street. The main access road is designed from the south from the planned connecting road. The building thus opens to the south-east and creates a sunny square in the vestibule of the main entrance to the hall. This space then has a distinct urban planning function as it brings together all the functional components of the project. At the eastern edge of the building, there is an outdoor playground with a grandstand built into the building itself, thus providing protection for spectators from the discomfort of possible rain or adverse weather conditions. A climbing wall is integrated in the north facade of the building in a similar way. At the northern edge of the building, the project also connects to the bicycle path and further expands the bicycle network to the south, including the inclusion of vehicle parking facilities directly at the entrance to the building.


Recreational | Sports Hall


2916 m2 (GFA)

NK3 Design Team:

Natasha Kearney, Natalie Lewis, Adeline Chan, Christy Woo, Valerie Or, Reuben Choi


Jakub Klaska, Jan Klaska, Charlie Harris


The project works with landscape elements and places a large amount of greenery at the border with residential buildings. Landscape elements also become a link to the existing construction in the north along Volyňské Čechů street.The material solution is based on the spatial requirements of the individual functions and thus works with the concept of two intersecting masses enabling different ground clearances for individual units.The orientation of the building to the south gives the project a generous character and opens up views of the landscape. Structurally, the project works with the concept of reinforced concrete perimeter walls and wooden beams of the roof structure.

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