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Our design proposal for an ideal breastfeeding room aims to address the needs of working mothers with young babies, ensuring they have a comfortable and inclusive space within the office environment. We recognize the importance of combating feelings of isolation that nursing mothers may experience, which is why our design incorporates opaque glass bricks. These bricks offer privacy while allowing a visual connection to the outside world, creating a sense of connection and openness. The room is thoughtfully equipped with various utilities to cater to the needs of both the mother and baby. Generous tabletop surfaces are provided to facilitate multitasking, enabling mothers to work and care for their babies simultaneously. A dedicated nappy changing station and a Baby Rest placed next to the breastfeeding chair ensures convenience and cleanliness. Essential appliances such as a sink, napkins, power outlets, cabinets, sterilizer, mini fridge, microwave, and boiler are readily available.

To create a serene and soothing ambiance, pastel colored walls and the lighting in the room is soft yet sufficient for clear
visibility. A standout feature of our design is the customized breastfeeding chair. Designed with high armrests, mothers may comfortably position their babies at the optimal height for breastfeeding. Two stools are placed in the room for colleagues who may wish to join the mother. We acknowledge this is an unconventional idea, but our aim is to promote normalcy in breastfeeding and foster a supportive atmosphere within the workplace.


The proposed breastfeeding room can serve dual purposes as both a lactation room and a breastfeeding space. By combining functionality, comfort, and aesthetic appeal, we aim to create a nurturing environment where working mothers can seamlessly balance their professional responsibilities and the needs of their infants.




9 m2 (GFA)

NK3 Design Team:

Adeline Chan, Natasha Kearney, Natalie Lewis

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