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NMS Infrastructure


Building GFA: 517.2 m2

Site GFA: 798.98 m2


Project Type



NK3 Design Team:

Natasha Kearney, Natalie Lewis, Adeline Chan, Christy Woo

Project Team 

Medical Consultant: MJ Medical Consultants (UK)

Fire Consultant: OFR Consultants (UK)

BIM Consultant: BIMCAP (HK)

Spec Consultant: SCL Specs (Africa)

The Health Centre provides rural communities in Sub-Saharan Africa with the vital primary healthcare, in and out-patient facilities that support medical procedures, and maternity care services, to tackle the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic as well as other illnesses. It is designed to be highly adaptable and can be erected efficiently yet maintain similar design principles to larger facilities but able to be introduced on sites as small as 1 hectare. The quick build times and replicability of the construction aid with the logistics of delivering a nationwide programme. The provision of nationwide primary healthcare through the introduction of rural Health Centre services creates an effective referrals network, improving access to rural areas without a huge cost burden. The Health Centres are often situated in areas that are not serviced by the national grid - consequently the facilities can be designed to function entirely ‘off-grid’, with an innovative solar system providing renewable, reliable power.


The Health Centre is single storey structure with multiple departments housed within a compact layout arranged around a central courtyard. The central courtyard brings light and air into the building and acts as a circulation route within the hospital. External circulation corridors minimize the risk of infection through natural ventilation. The facilities provide a forum for modern medical healthcare lectures to the public. There are 2 No. staff accommodation units on site. This allows key staff to live at the facility, future expansion is optional as required. WC’s and showers are located onto perimeter walls to minimise penetration being cast through the slab. This has the benefit of allowing quick access to the connections for maintenance. The wards are split into Male, Female and Paediatric patients, including a delivery suite for routine medical births without the need for extensive travel. There is an option for a Mothers Shelter building to provide on-site short stays for expecting mothers.

Untitled-1 copy.jpg
VIEW 01 - 18B Site - Aerial View - 0750.jpg
VIEW 04 - Health Center - Exterior - 0900 (2).jpg
VIEW 02 - 18B Site - Aerial View - 0900.jpg
0000-010-NK3-SP-L00-SK-A-001 Section and Elevations with trees.jpg

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