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NMS Infrastructure Ltd

Healthcare, Hospital

Project Type

NK3 Design Lead

NK3 Design Team

Project Team

Medical Consultant: MJ Medical Consultants (UK)

Fire Consultant: OFR Consultants (UK)

BIM Consultant: BIMCAP (HK)

Spec Consultant: SCL Specs (Africa)




Natasha Kearney, Natalie Lewis, Adeline Chan


This prototype facility has been designed to meet a clients need for rural remote first-line health care. This covers capabilities in the following areas:

  1. Childbirth – Pre-natal (briefing, education of mothers, early checks, pre-natal reception and ultrasound) Birthing and Post-natal. The Mothers shelter is an optional add- on to the PDP as accommodation for expectant mothers and covered in 2.22.

  2. Minor injuries – identification and treatment of fractures and other minor injuries. Cleaning, suturing, dressing of wounds.

  3. Minor infections

It also provides a local hub for medical outreach into the field for:

  1. Medical education

  2. Inoculations

  3. Encouragement for the population to use modern medicine.

It also provides an entry point for patients requiring second-line health care who will be passed up the chain to the district hospitals. This facility consists of a health centre and staff accommodation units.

Approx Area

973 m2 (GFA)


William Oduor, Ana Consciencia, Christy Woo, Reuben Choi, Valerie Or, Adedeji Silas

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